About NONI Robot

NONI stands for “NO Nonsense Inside.” It is a very simple robot which can be controlled with very simple commands, or advanced commands, depending on your skill level. The robot lives in a simulated world.

The NONI Robot sports the classic differential wheel drive, that is, two independently controlled wheels, one on each side. These enable it to go forwards, backwards, turn in place, or drive in arcs. It has a user-controlled LED on top. For advanced users, it has a line sensor to detect lines on the floor. Oh, and it can drop paint balls too. You can use this feature to draw! How cool is that?

The NONI Robot simulator is free. It will always be free. We believe that learning is a universal right, and cost should never be a factor. You CAN buy the NONI Robot kit for the best experience, but you DON’T have to buy it to use the simulator.

There are no sign-up forms, no user accounts, and no registration. Just open up the simulator and start using it. It’s that simple!

The simulator runs from our web site right in your browser. Don’t like to use a cloud-based simulator? No problem. Just download it*. Don’t like to install complicated software on your computer? No problem. The downloaded simulator does not need installation of any kind. It will run inside your web browser.

*Downloadable version available soon.


The NONI Robot simulator is, and will always be, FREE! Everyone has a right to learn, and cost should NEVER be a factor.


You don’t need to make an account. You don’t need to register an email or phone number. You don’t need to do ANYTHING before you start using it.


You can use the cloud-based version by visiting the web site. Or you can download the stand-alone version it and run it from your browser. No installation required!